Evolution Revolution

Defining Terms of Engagement

1) There are two possible reasons for us existing: one is God, and one is the absence of reason itself: random chance.  There are perhaps three possible positions from the Christian point of view: God made the world in six days and Genesis is literally true, God made the world over a much longer period and perhaps employed evolutionary processes, and a universe came from nothing, in which life evolved entirely by chance.  I will be dealing with what I consider to be the Biblical position (see my last but one post on Creation and Science for why), and dealing with the evolutionary alternative as best I can (no, I’m not an expert in that field, so if you have more info to offer, please do).  So basic premise: Genesis true, or Evolution trueContinue reading


Creation and Science

English: A bit of uniformity.

English: A bit of uniformity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a nice summer’s day today, (yes, this happens, even in the United Kingdom!) and so we went for a family picnic.  Nature is truly a wonder: no single person has ever known all the different species and yet more are discovered even now.  There are the many species of insects, mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, the microscopic, the beautiful and the repellent, the massive, and surrounding and dwarfing all the features and landmarks of such a variety of climates: deserts, downland, forests, swamps, mountains, underwater caverns and many more besides.  Some regard the creation/literal vs evolution/”science” debate irrelevant, but how can that be if we are to give God glory for what He has made?  Worse, since “sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin” (see Romans 5:12-13), if the evolutionary world-view is entirely correct then the scriptures are in serious error, since according to evolution there were tonnes of (animal*) deaths before Adam sinned.  See also 1 Timothy 2:13 for evidence of Adam and Eve being literally formed by God as the only humans on earth.  Did God call “good” a world of animal carnage where death reigns as the creative force to generate new forms?

*incidentally that word for “death” (I am told) would not have applied to a plant…  Continue reading