What Came First- The Feeling or The Doctrine?

The Gutenberg Bible displayed by the United St...

The Gutenberg Bible displayed by the United States Library of Congress, demonstrating printed pages as a storage medium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do we realise how much our feelings guide us?  Here is a very general way to not read the Bible:

1) read the text and intake via the eye into the brain what is said,

2) have a gut reaction (feeling) and say “God can’t mean that/has to mean the opposite of that”

3) arrange a logical argument with our mind that backs up our feeling, often giving it the best possible motives (“it can’t apply now”, “it stands to reason”, “that was Bible times”…)

4) re-regard the text and summarise that it is a) incomprehensible (“beyond our understanding”) or b) nonsense (“legend”, “poetry”)

The middle two steps here (heart and mind) are not wrong, but they are in the wrong place and (4) is well, how can I put this tactfully… Wrong!

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Baptism Questions: a study with no answers

I was deeply confused about my local church’s approach to baptism.  Traditionally, babies are baptised, and the children presumably are not believers… (well, I don’t think they believe in God… I can’t remember trusting Jesus as my saviour before I could talk, but then I don’t remember much else from that time either).  So, I then looked up (I think, though I doubt if all of them were used in the study) every Bible passage with the words “baptism”, “baptise” e.t.c. in them… (no I don’t know the Bible that well, but I happen to have in the house a cut-price Concordance* with an upside down cover).  I have deleted all the bracketed answers that I originally included for myself.  I am confident however, that an unbiased reading of the passages about it come to a pretty solid conclusion about the subject.  And if not, then maybe I am wrong.   Do feel free to use this without citation if it is useful, or to burn effigies of me with the study inside them if not.  Continue reading