Some Christian thinking…

The aim of this blog will be to glorify Jesus.  Also to present a Christian perspective, or at least a Christian’s perspective on some of the BIG questions.

Why an Old Hope?  In Star Wars, it is a New Hope that saves the day*, but we as Christians have the Old Hope which never changes, never lets us down and never gets electrocuted by Emperor Palpatine.

The blog is for Christian discussion, so for the moment it is for Brothers and Sisters to add comments and have mature discussion.  The reason for this is simple: it is just plain too disruptive to have a conversation from 19 differing points of view, at least to begin with, and would not fit in with the aim of the blog to have comments by people who would believe everything I said was untrue before I even started typing: what I would like the comments section to be about is the following: questions of clarification, things that need changing e.g. because I have misquoted something, or even polite, mature disagreement from Brothers and Sisters.  Comments not conforming to these rules or that are simply irrelevant will be deleted.

I will at some point be adding a section for “the other side(s)” to add comments to. As above, the comments will need to be polite and to the point on all sides of any debate.


*Well sort of, though Darth Vader actually does prove to be the “old hope” in that he gets rid of the evil Emperor… perhaps a discussion for another time…


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