What if racism was right?

Dear reader, if you read the title, this is my official disclaimer: this article is not racist and not intended to increase racial tension.  For the proof, read on…

I have already published one article on racism, but I felt compelled to “pen” another.  Here is my attempt to understand the point of view of those who truly believe the creed of racism: please note, I am going to fail!  I understand there are other types but I will stick here to “white person” racism or what a racist type British person might believe…

For the “white supremacist” to be correct, people with darker skin would have to be more dangerous, wicked or inferior than those with lighter skin.  Those with darker skin have more melanin than those with lighter skin.  Melanin is present in all humans, bar those suffering extreme albinism.  It is also present in increased amounts in freckles, which occur in people of all races.  Melanin is known to protect against skin damage and skin cancer and also increases in quantity when you get tanned.  So, in summary, to believe the “white racist” creed (ignoring for the moment the total lack of evidence that melanin amount affects the brain in any sinister way), we would have to believe that a) getting a sun-tan increases the amount of evil you are capable of so we should all hide in the shadows, b) freckles are dangerous concentrations of extra evil and should be removed at the earliest opportunity, c) the most worthy people on Earth are albinos and those at most risk of skin cancer.


Other differences exist: language being a primary difference but not a true racial difference at the genetic level- if I was raised French I would presumably have a better French accent.  The fact that we are all the same Race (the human one) would make racism seem rather redundant, unless we want to persue it against certain kinds of animal or plant life?  Perhaps the racists should turn their attention to animals.  But not the badger (see link).

Any feedback welcome, though “trolls” are a different race so may not be tolerated…


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