Je Suis Moi

Bonjour!  I have had a long think about “Je Suis Charlie” and have come to the following conclusions…

1) Murder is wrong and is always the fault of the person doing the murder, not the victim.

2) “Charlie” was publishing deliberately rude and offensive material.  Morally, I don’t agree with this.

3) Legally, I don’t want offensiveness banned as it is in some cases in the UK.

Though I would never want to publish something just for the sake of being offensive (at least I hope I wouldn’t), I can’t possibly agree with the Papal statement because, as this article argues, it amounts to justifying violence if offense is felt.  God has allowed those who mock him some time to change their minds.  Because God has said that we should leave vengeance for Him, we can’t judge or act in violence against others who mock.  What was Jesus’ reaction to mockery?  Continue reading