Jonah and Guinea Pigs

:: Guinea pig 4::: no descriptionGuinea pigs came to visit our house lately, and we had been reading Jonah, and to my surprise they have something in common… 

First, a word of confession- I’m a school teacher and the summer holidays is my best opportunity to blog- so expect some inconsistency and a serious gap coming soon.  However, that said…

When we approached the guinea pigs, they would often take fright.  When we talked loudly, they would take fright.  When we moved, they would take fright.  Frankly, guinea pigs are some of the most nervous, permanently terrified creatures God made.  This particular pair had a cardboard house that was there main place to hide when we (or anything else) surprised them.  I found it really funny to see that they thought this cardboard box was a mighty fortress capable of protecting them from us (besides the fact that we were caring for and feeding them at this point).  They clearly did not learn from the fact that we could and did lift up the cardboard castle with great ease when we needed to take them out! 

In many ways, Jonah’s behaviour in chapter 1 (and sometimes ours) is just like this.  Jonah flees from the Lord!  Is Tarshish or Joppa or the ocean enough to hide him from God?  Evidently not!  And was it possible that it was?  Is the God who made and sustains all those places likely to not be able to find Jonah in them?  Did Jonah believe he could out-wit God?  God does not take the cardboard box away- He just makes things so uncomfortable for Jonah that he eventually repents.  Yes, God forced his hand a little, but being God, He could have just teleported Jonah straight to Nineveh.  Instead, God gives Jonah another chance to fulfill his mission.  It is totally useless to hide from God.  If He wished us harm, we’d already be destroyed.  If He’s trying to get us to do something, we should probably get on and do it!  There is no cardboard box big enough to hide from Him!  Sometimes we are just as silly as guinea pigs! 


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