Our Father’s Attitude to Us

https://i1.wp.com/blog.adw.org/wp-content/uploads/father-and-son.jpgDear Brothers and Sisters, when Jesus came out of the water of baptism, our Father declared: “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased“.  That is the Father’s attitude to His true children.  Indeed, “in Christ Jesus [we] are all children of God through faith“, which means that our Father has the same attitude towards us*.  He is pleased with us.  He looks on us and says He is happy with what He sees!  However miserable a job we are doing (and sometimes I am doing a fairly miserable job of being a Christian), He not only loves us and forgives us but has an attitude of joy and pleasure in who we are. 

There are two important notes here. Firstly, note that this only happens because we are “in Christ Jesus”- we did not earn this fatherly favour- Jesus did and it is because God sees the change that Jesus has made in our souls- we are now a different kind of Spirit- we have the Holy Spirit. 

Secondly, this is “through faith”.  It does not mean we can do whatever we like (on a selfish level) and always have God pleased with our actions, nor does it mean we are always right in what we think, or what we say.  We must remain in the faith- we must keep on trusting in Christ Jesus, resisting doubt and all the worldly and spiritual pressures against us.  If we do this, and continue to love Jesus, then, in a sense we can do what “we want” because our desires will conform to His! 


*Sisters get to be treated as “sons” too here, as sons inherit, and what an inheritance we are promised! 


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