The Simplest Thing: Right Here

As the title suggests, I am easing myself back into blogging with something simple, but startling.  Putting aside all religious trappings, tradition, and current problems, God is right here.  Right here in this room as I am typing.  I have his promise on that.  True that promise comes from Jesus the Son, but where He is, there His Father is too.

Simply put, this is incredible.  God Almighty the Awesome King of Heaven, Lord of the Armies of Israel, He Who Sits Enthroned Among the Cherubim is right here with me.

No wonder God said so often “Do not be afraid“.  With Him right here beside us, what are our problems and challenges.  What are those who oppose us, in the flesh or in the spiritual realm?  Indeed as the scriptures put it: “If God is for us, who can be against us?

Think on this for a while.  Act accordingly! 


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