Grace, Freedom and Faith

Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope (Photo credit: Crysco Photography)

OK, I’m trying to sought out my own thoughts on this as I type… but this generally comes from reading the book “You’ve Already Got It” by Andrew Wommack.  I was particularly impressed by his handling of grace and faith as these are often falsely dealt with as if they are opposed and you must choose a side, when actually we are saved by grace through faith.  The two ideas are opposed but only as your fingers and thumb are opposed, with which you can grasp anything!

We are given (by grace) all that we need.  Every sin is paid off- so no amount of guilt has any right to hold us (would you be in debt if someone had paid off all your debts already- would you try and pay it again?).  This is why there is no condemnation in Christ.  More than this we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing by Christ already.  Even our healings are already paid for.  This bears dwelling upon: so often we are acting as if we have to frantically flap our arms and get God to move: actually He has already done everything.  The blessing you seek (provided it is actually a blessing, not just something you think is a good idea), is already paid for.  The health you want for your emotional state or your body is already paid for.  God has taken his part of the action.  This is something I have known (intellectually) for an age, but have somehow missed at the same time.  So I should not have been praying for God to get going and do something- I should have rather have been praying for God to open my eyes to the power that is already at work through Christ in me (Ephesians 1:17-21- follow the link and meditate on…).

And this is where faith comes in.  We have to actually believe it.  No, not by human effort “Must… Believe” but simple, childlike trust.  Taking an example, let us say I have a deadly disease, and I read these passages of scripture that promise my healing is already paid for- that makes it mine by right.  (This could equally apply to any other brother’s sickness or just about any of life’s challenges that seem too large or difficult- in fact the salvation of our souls is part of the same promise).  I have to wait patiently and faithfully for God’s answer to get through- because it is already given (there can be interference from the devil or from ourselves- as in our emotional state and our beliefs).  Now I have read God’s promises I can not go back on trusting them without calling our Heavenly Father a liar!  Even if my experience (past, others etc), my senses (current circumstances) and my emotions (depression, feelings of unworthiness) gang up against this, they do not outweigh God’s promise!  How could they?  But God wants us to act in faith, so that His Spirit can have an earthly home in us.  Faith just turns on the tap that lets out the power of God’s mains pressure- the power and the hard work has already been done (plus he has paid the utility bill)!  I would encourage you to take action and put this faith into practice- it will please God and annoy the devil!  And praise our Father in Heaven for all that He has accomplished!

A third thing I have heard as apparently opposed to acting in faith is freedom.  Certainly if we believe we are earning our salvation by praying, fasting and focusing on God we have missed grace all together.  But if we say we can disobey his commands because we have grace then where is our faith?  Surely it is worth me giving up the dross of my sins and selfishness to be the kind of person God wants me to be?  Don’t we dream of being better?  Is not freedom from every sin, sickness and evil better than any human concept of freedom that I could replace that with?  Focusing on our Father is not a way to get his attention or earn his blessing, but a way of encouraging our souls which might otherwise be overwhelmed (by fear/depression) by looking only at our current physical state!

Well done if you got this far- comments welcome!  Incidentally, I would be fraudulent not to admit that my faith is not yet moving mountains.  Well- the odd rock…


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