What’s Heaven Worth?

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according to Revelation Chapter 21: verses 9-21

12000 stadia high x (12000 + 12000)= 2,200 km x (2,200 + 2,200) = approx Surface Area of wall:

9 680 000 km squared of wall

144 cubits thick = 65m. So total gold wall volume: 6.292 x 1014 m3!!!

19.32 g/cm3 This is the density ie about 20 g/cm cubed. So per m cubed = 20 x 100 x 100 x 100 = 20 000 000

So total mass = 1.2584 x 10 22 g

24k (carat) gold = pure- assumed for the walls of heaven! Gold: one gram= £25

So total value of the gold = £ 25 x 1.2584 x 10 22 = £ 3.146 x 10 23… a lot of money

Street value” has not been taken into account… the streets are made of gold which would be a fair proportion of the area, but no data available as to how much.

Total value of the pearls (12) – all city gate size conservatively: diameter: 2m would be just about enough…

The most expensive genuine pearl in the world is likely the Pearl of Lao Tzu… valued at $3.5 million due to its astounding size. At 9.45 inches in diameter and just over 14 lbs, it is the largest pearl ever discovered.

Actually an exponential increase in value but using just multiplying up to size 1 inch=2.5cm, so diameter 23.625 cm, then volume of “Gate pearls” = 3.5 million dollars times 606.7 (vol increase) =$2 123 452 643 or x0.6 = £ 1 274 071 586 pounds… x12 for the 12 gates = £1.52×1012. Looks like the walls are going to have the biggest impact. Have ignored the gemstones in the 12 foundations – which may well be significant!

£ 300 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 ++ (this is a severe underestimate) That is three hundred thousand million million million pounds!

Take into account x∞ (infinite) time spent there, compared to a maximum lifespan of say x150 years on earth enjoying substantially smaller personal wealth compared to the corporate wealth of heaven….. ! = Infinitely larger value.

Then take into account spiritual value:

  • Soul not destroyed – what would you give to get that back? All that gold?
  • Living in the presence of the King, the Lord Jesus, God, our Father… Priceless!

The point of this?  That God is a loving father and an ingenious creator.  This world was made a lot more perfect than it is now (God saw that it was good), but Heaven will be much, much better.  If you’re feeling down, the best is yet to come.  If you are ever tempted by earthly things, remember how much better heaven will be!

PS please do double-check the calculations or add to them!


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