New Religions For Old


Bible (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

People are often happy to critique and indeed mock Christianity for “stealing” another religion’s ideas (i.e. having Christmas at about the same time of year as an old pagan festival), but what of the biggest and most blatant copy-cat of all: Islam’s attempt to have all of the Jewish and Christian scriptures as witnesses to the “truth” of the new religion?
More academic work has been taken on at and by numerous others, but I just want to go through the basic argument.

1) The Qur’an states that the Bible was true.

2) The Qur’an states that God’s words can not be changed.

3) The Qur’an states (say some) that the scriptures of the Jews and Christians got corrupted.

Put these three points into any logical argument and Islam has a problem.  The Muslim can either…

Option 1) admit that the Bible was true, and is still true, in accordance with points (1) and (2), in which case, given that it contradicts the Qur’an on many points, Islam must be false*.  Or…

English: Sura Al-Fātiha from a Qur'an manuscri...

English: Sura Al-Fātiha from a Qur’an manuscript by Hattat Aziz Efendi. Deutsch: Die Fatiha aus einer Koranhandschrift von Hattat Aziz Efendi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Option 2) claim the Bible was true and is now corrupted in accordance with points (1) and (3) above, but then is faced by point (2).  If the words of God can not be changed, then the once-true scriptures would always be true.  Again, the Qur’an must be incorrect on point (2), and by extension Islam is false, since there are blatant untruths in the Qur’an.  Or…

Option 3) claim that the Bible was never true, in accordance with umm… nothing in the Qur’an to back this up.  This would actually contradict the Qur’an on points (1) (was once true) and (3) (later got corrupted) above.  Again, the Qur’an, and therefore Islam would be false.

Option 4) (probably the favourite) pretend Arabic is a magical untranslatable language and deny all of history and linguistic analysis in an increasingly wild and off-the-point argument that never in fact deals with the three points mentioned earlier.  This one I’ll not answer…

For a real, historical look at how the god of Islam came to be (with real archaeological evidence), look here.  This does seem somewhat more likely than the Almighty getting confused or breaking His promises.

All right, so why a “controversial” article on Islam?  Because the biggest danger in the “end times” is deceit.  (We live in these times.  This is everything from when Jesus went up and sent the Spirit to His return).  If you follow the links you’ll see Jesus is prophesied to return in order to judge the world, (not the false (anti-) Jesus of Islam who will apparently come to convert the world to Islam- this is the anti-Christ as in the one who opposes Christ and says that Jesus (as in God) has not come in the flesh).  We have to be alert to this kind of tactic.  We have to be awake.  We have to be more careful not to offend God than to be politically correct.  We have to face it: nobody will be cast out of heaven for not being politically correct enough, but Jesus did say he would be ashamed of those who were ashamed of Him.  This means telling hard truths nobody wants to hear.  Or was Jesus crucified for his popular and easy-going style?  Did he agree with everybody in case he “rocked the boat”?  Put another way: if we who are saved do not warn others of their error, who will?  Or who will tell the next generation the truth?

Anyone who wishes may respond to this article, though if there are too many responses I’ll not be able to publish them all, and I won’t publish comments that go wildly off the point…

*anyone who thinks Christianity and Islam are one and the same… that’s something there is not room for discussion of here and we would need a whole new article.


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