Baptism Questions: a study with no answers

I was deeply confused about my local church’s approach to baptism.  Traditionally, babies are baptised, and the children presumably are not believers… (well, I don’t think they believe in God… I can’t remember trusting Jesus as my saviour before I could talk, but then I don’t remember much else from that time either).  So, I then looked up (I think, though I doubt if all of them were used in the study) every Bible passage with the words “baptism”, “baptise” e.t.c. in them… (no I don’t know the Bible that well, but I happen to have in the house a cut-price Concordance* with an upside down cover).  I have deleted all the bracketed answers that I originally included for myself.  I am confident however, that an unbiased reading of the passages about it come to a pretty solid conclusion about the subject.  And if not, then maybe I am wrong.   Do feel free to use this without citation if it is useful, or to burn effigies of me with the study inside them if not.  The thing is, that the Spirit of God is not confused.  He can be deeply confusing, to us who don’t have quite the infinite intellect and ability He has, but Jesus is not telling His church to do baptism nine different ways then stepping back to watch the resulting battle whilst munching popcorn.  He has made certain things clear, and uh… we should listen to Him!  If a word comes to one of us and somebody does not believe it before we are confirmed as a prophet or as at least speaking prophetically, this is understandable!  But I think it would be rather difficult to say that of Paul, for example.  Having just read EmDog’s excellent blog on “Necessary Heresies”, I think that it is important to remind at this point that it is knowing the right Person, not knowing the right things that should be important to us as Christians.  However, I also think it important to think about what that Person has said through His Spirit on previous occasions and to carry it out.

*Oh yes, would have been much easier…


Baptism Study

Preamble questions:

What does baptism mean to you? What do you think about when baptism is mentioned?


Romans 6:3-12

1) What is baptism? Or what does it symbolise?


2) Judging by the language in this passage, is it best symbolised by totally immersing the believer in water (where possible) or sprinkling water on their face?


3) Judging by this passage, is it better to baptise babies or believers? Why?



1 Corinthians 1:10-17

4) Why is Paul reluctant to be responsible for the baptism of many?


5) How should this be reflected in the church today: should we have only certain well-qualified individuals allowed to baptise? Why or why not?


6) Should Christians today claim allegiance to a particular denomination, either through baptism or for any other reason? …Where does our allegiance lie?




7) What evidence is there for believer or child baptism in the scriptures, during the Church age (from Acts to now)? (John the Baptist is pre-this and therefore does not directly apply- he baptises “with water for repentance sake” – though in this case baptism is clearly for those capable of taking it seriously as well)



Acts 2:38, 2:41, 8:12, 8:13, 8:34-38, 9:17-18, 10:44-48 (see below), 16:14-15 (Lydia and house), 16:29-33 (Jailor and house), 18:8, 19:1-5

Acts 10:44-48 (see end of this section for a cut-up version of this list for distribution if using this as an actual Bible study)

8) John has foretold that someone is coming who will baptise “with the Holy Spirit”- what does this mean?



Any further questions: …?

A minister prepares to baptize a believer.

A minister prepares to baptize a believer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)












16:14-15(Lydia and her household)

16:29-33 (Jailor and his household)



Acts passages with baptisms in them!


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